Why choose us?
Choosing a well drilling contractor is an important decision. Here are some of the reasons why you can trust Baranieski Well Drilling to do a great job:

Family owned and operated business
  • Baranieski Well Drilling is a family owned and operated business that has been operating successfully in York Region for over 40 years.
  • All drilling is done by owners in the business, Dale Baranieski and his son Byron Baranieski. As business owners, Dale and Byron are very committed to making sure each customer is completely satisfied with their work.

Hands-on experience
  • Dale Baranieski (founder of the business) began drilling water wells in the Newmarket area in 1964. His son Byron began working with him over 20 years ago. With a combined total of over six decades of practical, hands-on experience drilling water wells, Dale and Byron are truly experts in their field.

Expert knowledge of the area
  • Having focused their work within a relatively small region (about a 30 mile radius around Newmarket), Dale and Byron have an expert knowledge of this area (including Newmarket, Aurora, Richmond Hill, King City, Uxbridge, Queensville, Keswick, etc.) This allows them to estimate the depth of wells more accurately and contributes to their success in constructing high-producing wells.

Efficiency and competence
  • Having worked together for over 20 years, Dale and Byron have become a highly efficient team.
  • While no one can predetermine the exact depth of a well, Dale and Byron have a reputation for being able to produce wells at shallower depths. This is because they make a point of never drilling past an area that has water without doing all they can to make a satisfactory well at that level. Since drilled wells are priced by the foot, this potentially spells huge savings for you, as the customer.
  • One of their specialties is developing wells in very fine sand formations, which is a difficult ground formation from which to produce a well. In fact, most drillers will not even attempt to construct a well in fine sand conditions and will have to drill deeper to find water.

High standards for work and products
  • All work is done to meet the current Ministry of Environment standards, ensuring that you have a safe and legal well.
  • Dale and Byron only install top quality products that are considered the best in the industry. These products outlast economy versions, thus saving you money over the long run. Read more about the products we use on our products page.
  • Dale and Byron are proud of the meticulous and careful work they do and stand behind it one hundred percent.

Customers are top priority
  • Dale and Byron look after their customers long after the initial job is completed. You can be sure that if there is ever a problem with your well, they will be available to help resolve the issue.
  • Dale and Byron always take the time to personally answer the questions and concerns of their customers.

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