Water Well Drilling in Newmarket and Surrounding Areas

At Baranieski Well Drilling, we specialize in water well drilling and pump installation. After successfully constructing each well, we work with our customers to help them determine the best pump and tank size to meet their needs. We then install a complete pump system, which includes: digging a trench for the water lines to bring the water into the building, installing a pump down the well, and hooking up a pressure tank in the building.

Once we have drilled your well, we are committed to helping you maintain your well system for years to come. Your new drilled well will provide you with many years of fresh ground water, and typically requires little maintenance. When it comes time to replace the pump or tank, or if you have any other service needs, we will be happy to look after you. 

For an estimate or any other enquiries, please call us at 905-895-7342 or email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The main services we offer include: